About Us

Boysen Mold & Manufacturing has been managing tooling programs for over 15 years.
Let us manage your custom injection mold and tooling programs and we promise your cost of production WILL improve.
We provide high quality tooling, superior product right out of the box Рsaving you TIME  and MONEY.

  • Customer Service
  • Design Engineering
  • Global Operation
  • International Supply Chain

Professional Tooling

Superior Plastic Products

Superior Plastic Products

Cost Savings

Lead Time Reduction

Our Services

Cost Savings

  • On-site American engineers provide mold sample report within 24-48 hours of mold sampling
  • Sample parts in your hands within 3-4 days after mold sampling


  • From 30-3500 tons, our partnered relationships with hundreds of international factories will meet your capacity demand

Product Management

  • Certification and warranty on all molds and components
  • Rigorous mold try-out procedures ensuring mold is ready out of the box
  • Elite vendor selection options
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Our Process


Fabricating the perfect mold from start to finish using your exact specifications.


Manufacturing your perfect mold and finished part.


Our experts test each product to ensure 100% satisfactory.


Our logistics deliver you superior products saving you time and money.

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